Will December 21, 2012 be the beginning or the end?

December 21, 2012, 11:11 am (Universal Time) … the Mayan Calendar ends. Around the world, across all time zones, citizens of the world will be gathering to celebrate this historic event.

As many people know, we are heading into a very interesting day and it is happening in OUR lifetime. The cosmic forces are strong and this is evident in the long-anticipated Galactic Alignment. The time is now for the human tribe to come together.

Clues to the calculation of this end date reside in the Mayan Calendar, the pyramids, the Chilam Balam (a Mayan holy book), the stars, the Milky Way galaxy and lost stele that have become Rosetta Stones. The Maya predicted that a time would come when their knowledge would rise again and the power of their wisdom would be revealed.

The Mayans predicted the coming of the Spanish to Maya lands, stating that their knowledge would have to retreat before the advent of the “wooden cross”, but would resurrect again at the end of the calendar. The Chilam Balam states that Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl-the master of many realms) will return during this period to establish the new world and guide the way. The Maya believed in reincarnation and talk of the return of the Mayan masters prior to 2012. The Chiliam Balam writer says: “My part is to interpret to you, your part, later, as well as my own is to be born again.” The purpose of coming back during the end times is to spread the wisdom and knowledge of the Maya, to ease the time of purification, and to open the door to the transformation.

The time that the calendar ends, December 21st, is fast approaching. The trail the Maya left is one of hope for the coming age, a time of awareness and changing patterns.




Maya Calendar Countdown