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December 2, 2012

This morning, Mercury, Venus & Saturn all align over the pyramids in Giza... This alignment takes place every 2700 years or so... (approx)... This is the "sign of Spiritual Transformation"... Mercury (the messenger of truth)... Venus (finances and items of value)... and Saturn (those in positions of power)... With these 3 planets aligned, the universe is telling us to pay close attention to what is going on because something MAJOR is up!!... With a "visual" sign, the answer is also "visual" as well... So I wouldn't pay much attention to what is being said... Instead, focus on what is actually being done.

The Giza Alignment... The end of the current Mayan Calendar is less than 3 weeks away... Those "ancient civilizations" came and went... Is this a sign that our current civilization is also going to fade away?... To be morphed into something new and different?... If so, let's hope it gets a lot better... But as history teaches us, it's those that are able to "adapt" that are the ones that are able to rise above the chaos & madness. I don't mean "cave in" on your beliefs and values, but more in the way you can interact with what the Spirit provides us with in a moment by moment manner.

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